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Shkurkin A. M.

        Anatoliy Michailovich Shkurkin is Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Professor of the Department of Philosophy at Far Eastern State Transportation University.

E-mail: shkurkinam@mail.ru


The article studies the problem of the influence of the labour market on the migration labour potential in the region. The author considers that the distinctive features of labour migrations are overall determined by structural disproportions of the labour market.

The main research hypothesis proved in this article is that the current state of the labour market in Russia (especially in the Far East) is formed as the result of the systematic interaction of different and relatively independent spheres that constitute the external environment of the region. Finally, an organizational culture whose core is a labour motivation (from the point of view of labour economics) creates a certain motivational field into which every immigration labour flow to a recipient country is plunged.

The sources of problems of any immigration, as well as the conditions and resources for their solution, need to be searched for within the region. The market positioning of the migrant (especially foreign) workforce, aimed to fill as much vacancies as possible, is realized to the extent that is "allowed" by the existing asymmetries of the labour market and the developing legal framework.

In the example of the Chinese migration taking place nowadays and in the early 19th and late 20th centuries, the immigration labour potential of the Russian Far East and the potential risks are estimated in order to determine the development strategy of the Far East.

        Key words: immigration risks, immigration potential, the Russian Far East, stability, labour market, regional security, regional strategies, China workforce migration, immigration policy.

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