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Fuad Abdul Hamied

        Fuad Abdul Hamied is Professor of English Education at Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia. Currently President of the Association of TEFL in Indonesia (TEFLIN). Also now serving as an EC member of Asia TEFL and former Editor to the Journal of Asia TEFL.

E-mail: fuadah@indo.net.id; fuadah@upi.edu


Higher education in Indonesia has adopted a strategy which has required a totally new approach where the issues of autonomy, competitiveness, and organizational health become so important. In Indonesia, we have a highly complex higher education system; therefore, in handling such a complicated system, decentralizing authority and providing more autonomy to institutions is considered as the best suited approach, plus a focus on the core of the tertiary education missions, that is teaching. With this line of thought, the paper outlines basic issues in higher education in Indonesia and discusses what they practically mean to improvement in teaching activities by suggesting that certain internationally-acknowledged standards should be adopted especially in the teaching of English at school as well as at the university level, as English plays a crucial role for the Indonesian people in participating competitively and effectively in regional and global activities.

        Key words: Indonesian TEFL, higher education, educational policy, teaching standards.

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