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Saharovskaya L. V.

        Saharovskaya Lyudmila Vasilievna – candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, Department of journalism and advertising of the Buryat state University.


In article the level of development of material base of publishing houses and polygraphic manufacture in Buryatiya in 1940-1960 on an example of the all-round analysis of sources is considered. The knizhno-newspaper both journal publishing house and republican printing house of Buryatiya on printed matter release is exposed to in-depth study. Special interest studying of printing editions of regions caused in the researcher after reform of 1963 It has been caused by a number of objective factors. One of the important components of cultural development of a society is the izdatelsko-polygraphic branches, understood by us as system in which frameworks are created, used and extend the book, the newspaper and magazine. It speaks not only interest of the Soviet people growing in a geometrical progression to izdatelsko-printing. It speaks also formation of the Soviet bibliology as sciences when the history of publishing business in Siberia as in the country as a whole, was the major part of bibliology and began to be studied as the integral accessory of the richest part of spiritual culture of the people. It is essentially important to underline, that izdatelsko-polygraphic branches as a cultural phenomenon reflected evolution of a society, feature and the contradiction of time, ideological and moral atmosphere of the given periods. Simultaneously izdatelsko-polygraphic branches during the considered period were means of formation of certain public installations, have been closely connected with all ideological and political, sociopolitical and cultural processes occurring in a society. Therefore studying and the analysis of the istoriko-printing problems are represented actual and expedient, allowing to reveal all stages of process of creation of books, magazines and newspapers, their uses, that is functioning of printing editions in a society in interaction with the reader. However economic weakness of post-war Russia and specificity of laws of management of its economic and cultural life have not allowed to solve during the considered period up to the end the basic questions of complex development of izdatelsko-polygraphic culture of the country and its Siberian national region, to finish this development to the level provided by various decisions. It is possible to notice, that problems on improvement of material conditions of all branches of printing and achievement of some positions of that time were solved.

        Key words:material base of printing houses, polygraphic base of knizhno-zhurnalno-newspaper editions, printing houses on release of printing editions.

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