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Bobyshev S. V. , Buchek A. A.

        Buchek Albina Alexandrovna – candidate of psychological science, assistant professor of the theoretical and applied psychology chair of Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University.

        Bobyshev Sergey Vasilyevich – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of Theory and History of State and Law Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: history@festu.khv.ru


Article is devoted to the analysis of ethnic consciousness of the personality from positions of a subject approach. This approach integrates basic key points of such kind of directions of researches as cultural and historical, historical and evolutionary, subject and acting, the humanistic and existential. In a subject approach priority it is considered studying of the person as the active converter of his own life and the activity, focused on self-realization of his own personality in cultural space. In the process of mental development, in particular, formation of ethnic consciousness, the subject realizes the ethnic representations. They are the result of transformation of the individual experience which includes not passive but creative assimilation of standards and requirements of certain ethnos, leading to reformation of the internal world of the person. Attempt of a background of relation of a subjective image of the ethnic world with designing activity of consciousness is done in the article.

In article results of empirical research of socially-psychological characteristics of the person connected with realization of ethnic consciousness are presented.

Correlation of a subject approach with studying of ethnic consciousness allowed assuming that the personality "transforms", "designs" ethnic reality in the consciousness according to the abilities, representations, identity. On the basis of this, the ethnic consciousness of the person may be considered as a form of reflection of the system of inherent properties and qualities of the world according to the logic of his own ethnic life and the activity. The planned vector of research considering designing by the person an image of ethnic space as a determinant of ethnic consciousness of the personality in poli-ethnic space of the modern world, allowed presenting ethnic consciousness as possibility of opening himself as the subject of ethnic culture.

        Key words: ethnic consciousness, the personality, the person, subject activity, ethnic designing.

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