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Goncharov V. I.

        Goncharov Victor Ivanovich – Doctor of Psychology, Assistant Professor, Head of Higher Professional Education Program of the Pedagogy School of the Far Eastern Federal University (Ussuriisk).

E-mail: VictorGoncharov@yandex.ru


The psyche of each person is unique. Its uniqueness is connected with both biological and physiological characteristics of constitution and development of an organism and composition of social relations and contacts. Temperament is a biological substructure of a personality. The temperament of a person in a certain manner influences on his style of behavior and the way of task performance. The features of temperament are an important condition that should be considered as an individual approach to education, training and all-round development of a personality. Taking into account the features of temperament of a particular person, it is possible to predict the reaction of a person in any situation. The knowledge of the characteristics of the representatives of various types of temperament, the visual signs of their appearance will help a teacher build relationships with students, taking into account their individual differences. Appearing in the dynamic characteristics of the psyche and human behavior, each type of temperament has its advantages and disadvantages. Awareness of positive and negative aspects of temperament and ability to develop and control them are the most important tasks of a person's character building. This article presents the results of the empirical study oriented on the study of the subjective assessment of psychodynamic features of pupils and the results obtained with the help of psycho-diagnostic techniques.

        Key words: psychodynamic features, temperament, psycho-diagnostics, the properties of the nervous system, educational process.

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