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Pronyakova S. V.

        Pronyakova Svetlana Vladimirovna – Postgraduate Student of State Academic University for the Humanities (Moscow).


The article discusses the phenomenon of deception, its types, methods of lie detection; it also highlights the fundamental value of truth in social life of person. The role of virtuous deception in interpersonal communication and that of self-deception is analyzed, the latter being an essential factor of self-communication, which serves to maintain the identity and self-esteem of person.

In order to disclose the information concealed certain psychophysiological techniques are commonly used, among them polygraphs ("lie detectors"). The origin of the device, its capacity and its limitations are briefly described. The author demonstrates that the problem of lie detection is an interdisciplinary one, which requires a thorough epistemological analysis, alongside consideration of data collected in various fields of science: psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science, that is, different branches of the Humanities. Of particular importance in the sphere of lie detection are the latest results obtained in the field of neuroscience - those connected with deciphering brain codes of psychical phenomena. A thought experiment (Gedankenexperiment) has been carried out which has allowed to imagine social prospects of deciphering brain codes - the ones associated with the penetration into the subjective world of personality, which, in its turn, leads to violation of the fundamental principle of social self-organization.

        Key words: deception, truth, virtuous deception, self-deception, polygraph (lie detector), neuroscientific methods of lie detection, code deciphering, subjective reality, the ‘privacy’ of the subjective world of personality, lie detection.

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