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Monsonova A. R. , Komissarova L. G.

        Monsonova Aryuna Radnanimaevna – Сandidate of Psychology, Assistant Professor of Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology Department of the Buryat State University (Ulan-Ude).

E-mail: monsonova@rambler.ru

        Komissarova Lubov Gomboevna – Post-graduate student of General and Social Psychology Department of the Buryat State University (Ulan-Ude).

E-mail: luba-komissarova@mail.ru


Self-attitude of a personality is considered as a special form of person's reflection of oneself, representing accepted values and personal meanings. The authors emphasize the fact that self-attitude is based on subject's activity in the interaction with the world around. On the one hand, self-attitude is a social phenomenon, on the other hand, it functions as a stable personality formation, which expresses the unity of ideas and feelings of a personality concerning the values. Self-attitude reflects the level of personality development in the context of self-determination and self-realization. The authors emphasize that the most sensitive period of life self-determination is adolescence. It is the period of self-awareness, understanding time perspective of the future, the definition of life and professional plans. The written above shows the relevance of studying of self-attitude in adolescence in relation to life concept orientations.

The subjects of the empirical study were 209 full-time college students of different specialties. To diagnose self-attitude the authors used self-attitude method of S.R. Pantileeva and personality differential. The authors searched for the "sources" of students' life meanings in the future (goals), in the present (process), in the past (result), or all of these three components with life concept orientations test of D.A. Leontiev. The article represents the data of correlation analysis of the correlation between life concept orientations and self-attitude of students. Summarizing the results of the study, the authors conclude that self-attitude is both a product and a factor in the development of life concept orientations of college students.

        Key words: attitude, self-awareness, self-attitude, life concept orientations, students, specialty, life goals, emotions, values.

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