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Nevstrueva T. H. , Pogorskaya V. A.

        Nevstrueva Tamara Hasyamovna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: tamaranevst@mail.ru

        Pogorskaya Victoria Aleksandrovna – Senior Teacher of the Department of Psychological Development of the Institute of Pedagogy and Education of Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok).

E-mail: vpogorskaya@mail.ru


The article touches upon the problem of subjective well-being, values of the personality as an important factor of life satisfaction and positive attitude towards it. According to the results of empirical study we define four approaches to the problem of interrelation of values and subjective well-being of the personality: 1) depending on the value structure (types of values, their ranging and correlation influence on the levels of subjective well-being of the personality); 2) depending on the availability of desired values (the level of subjective well-being depends on the divergence index between desired and available values); 3) depending on the accordance and congruity of values (the influence is connected with the structure of preferred values and the interrelation of values in the structure - conflicting, contradicting or harmonic, conforming, congruent or unconforming, uncongruent); 4. depending on the conflict of life meaningful values (the influence on subjective well-being is connected with internal conflict in the system of life meaningful values as a property of ineffective life sense).

The article shows that the structure value approach is the most common nowadays. This approach has diagnostic character defining the relationship between subjective well-being and value preferences. The other three approaches along with the diagnostic function allow to find out internal reasons of well-being and ill-being and due to the analysis of these reasons to create the relationship with a client based on the diminution of value rupture, their accordance or harmony.

        Key words: value-meaningful background of personality, high and low level of subjective well-being, interrelation of value-meaningful background and subjective well-being of the personality.

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