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Deryabina A. S.

        Deryabina Alyona Sergeevna – Post-graduate student of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: Alyona.Simonenko@gmail.com


The author examines the representations of the time of life, evaluates this category using the technique "Specialized semantic differential" (Serkin V.P.) to estimate the time of life. The author shows the empirical study of the content of the representations of the time of life in gender aspect according to Sandra Bem's hypothesis of the existence of three types of people. It was found that all groups of respondents identify the representations of the time of life according to the factors of "prospect", "emotional content" and "belonging". Comparing the characteristics in the group semantic universals of the stimulus "My time of life" of people with different gender identification - masculine, feminine, high and low androgynous, we found that these characteristics are based on the traits of these types of people. The representations of the time of life define the peculiarities of person's achievement in future, influence on the person's experience and behavior and motivate the psychological present. Through the formulation of different purposes and tasks a person plans his own life, realizes his potential. The need for studying of the representations of the time of life is determined by the fact that the knowledge of a person about himself in the time continuum allows us to predict his development and behavior in future.

        Key words: time of life, representations of the time of life, specialized semantic differential, group semantic universal, gender identification, masculinity, femininity, androgyny.

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