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Kashirina L. V. , Kraeva K. V.

        Kashirina Larisa Vasilievna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: larisa@dvags.ru

        Kraeva Kseniya Vladimirovna – Senior teacher of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Humanitarian University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: kraevakseniya@pochta.ru


In terms of modern life with reinforced alarm consciousness in our society, the problem of human psychological safety, including the sphere of education has appeared. Among the difficulties of students, the problem of an examination stress is considered to be the most urgent. The information overload stimulates immunodepression of an individual, which often influence somatic disorder. That is why students need psychological encouragement (especially during the period of adaptation) both throughout classes and examination period. It highlights the theme of the article, all the more so there isn't enough research in phenomenology of the examination stress from a perspective of subjective approach. The article is devoted to the analysis of coping behavior of university students during examination period. The author notes the necessity of the studying of the role of the personality in stress coping and examines students' personality traits influenced on coping strategy. The article contains the materials of the empirical research which allows us to bring out the essential subject determinants of students' coping behavior (personal adaptive potential, viability, self-control, self-actualization, rationality, emotion control, self-efficacy, inner contentment, motivation for success, adaptiveness). Besides, the dynamics of stress according to the intensity of subjective characteristics; the models of students' coping behavior during examination period such as preventive coping, operative coping, compensatory coping, and passive coping are shown.

        Key words: examination stress, subject, determinants, coping behavior, coping strategy, the models of students’ coping behavior during examination period; the model of preventive coping, operative coping, compensatory coping, passive coping.

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