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Anchukova N. I.

        Anchukova Nellie Ivanovna – Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: nian@mail.kht.ru


The research is devoted to the theoretical analysis of psychological features of medical profession and empirical identification of factors of conflict behavior of medical staff in concrete municipal authorities of health care. The author contemplates the interaction problem "doctor- patient", relying on the experience of foreign researches, and shows the specific character of conflict situations in the sphere of domestic medical care. In foreign conflictology the leading factors are patient's condition, unwillingness of a doctor to inform and to support. In domestic medical practice to the above-named factors are added such as: adverse conditions of professional activity, shortcomings of motivational system of health care establishments, promoting development of professional burning out of medical workers. The author describes some data received during the consulting project, devoted to the question of conflict behavior. The consulting project included diagnostic, consulting-training and implementation stages. The diagnostic stage carried out in the other municipal authorities allowed to receive the results which visually showed the main psychological problems of the whole sphere of domestic health care. The obtained data show the prevalence of high level of professional burning out of medical staff, the reasons of low organizational efficiency of establishment and patients' negative reviews of the quality of medical services.

        Key words: conflict, professional burning out, organizational culture, work satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, management style, incentive scheme of labor, system problems of health care.

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