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Sokolskaya M. V.

        Sokolskaya Marina Vyacheslavovna – Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: mvsokolskaya@mail.ru


The paper considers the results of an empirical study of a professional's health (PH), where it is proved that professionalism as a condition of professional's health is formed under the influence of peculiarities which characterize a definite type of professional activity (as an example we take such type of professions as "man-technology" and "man-man"). The professionalism reveals in:

- the level of subjective well being: locomotive operators have the highest level of subjective well-being (SW), and teachers have the lowest level of subjective well-being;

- the quantitative and qualitative dynamics of SW levels in the process of professionalization: the amount of subspheres become higher in direct proportion to professionalization growth for train dispatchers; the subjectively successful respondents are satisfied with the state of these subspheres; for locomotive operators the same quantitative changes vary from +1 to -1; for teachers - the dynamics is opposite to locomotive operators;

- the structure and the content of subsystem and system levels, and also in interaction of these levels: in the structure of sub-system level locomotive operators have interaction of subsystems of external and internal determination and their ambivalent role in the professional's health structure at all stages of professionalization; besides "self-actualization - regulatory" factor was revealed in the structures of subsystem and system levels of locomotive operators;

- train dispatchers have the factor of "self-actualization - regulatory" in the structure of subsystem level of first-year students and professionals, but first-year students and graduates have the factor of internal/external determination;

- the subsystem of internal determination plays more important role in the structures of subsystem levels for train dispatchers and locomotive operators; but for teachers - on the contrary, - external one.

- a person's health on system level: it is provided mostly by regulatory and self-actualization subsystems for train dispatchers, by orientation and self-actualization for teachers, by self-actualization and regulatory function for locomotive operators (students), by self-actualization and orientation for professionals;

- the content of resource and destructive subsystems.

        Key words: a professional’s health, a professional’s personality, professional activity, subjective well-being.

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