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Vyaznikova L. F.

        Vyaznikova Lubov Fedorovna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Theory and Practice of Social and Humanitarian Technologies Department of the Far Eastern State Humanitarian University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: Lviaz@inbox.ru


The article is devoted to the understanding of psychological potential of anthropological-oriented approach in the management of an educational institution. This approach is considered as the basis of professional consciousness of the head, oriented on understanding, recognition of integrity and uniqueness of the person and desire to understand the diversity of human reality. The content of the concept of "anthropological-oriented approach" becomes deeper due to the quantity of contexts; the author defines it as anthropological-value approach. We examine the psychological possibilities of anthropological-oriented approach of the heads of educational institutions, the strategies of their interaction with the subjects of educational process, determining the effectiveness of human resources, as well as the possibility of the development of victimogenic culture of education. The subjectless of the head as "dependent promptitude in obeying" can lead to the formation of "managerial insanity", which definition is presented in the article. The author emphasizes pedagogical nature of management, the phenomenon of value resonance: head - teacher - pupil. Anthropological-orientation of the heads appeared in management and attitude to subordinates is viewed as an important source and condition of preventing disturbance of all the participants of educational process and, in particular - in emotional burning out of teachers. We consider different sides of the contact in the "head - subordinate" system, negative demonstration of hypersocialization as professional deformation of the head and his subordinates.

        Key words: anthropological-oriented approach, psychological potential, "managerial insanity", victimization of educational environment, reflexivity, hypersocialization, value resonance.

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