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Vorobyeva C. I.

        Vorobyeva Clarissa Ivanovna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: psy@festu.khv.ru


Time transspective stands as a psychological mechanism of modeling of the way of life. Transspective is the ability of consciousness to connect the past and the future in the present, and thus to integrate time of life. Time transspective is considered as a subjective formation and a psychological mechanism.

According to subjective approach time transspective as modeling of the way of life reflects important characteristics of a subject of time such as valuable attitude towards time of life and ability to explore it.

The value of time of life specifies humanistic, constructively transforming attitude to time, a way of life and its time organization and strategy. Time transspective of a subject also reflects the ability of active acquirement of time, expressed in an effort to direct life and its circumstances, knowing of the role of the way of life and the formation of attitudes towards life and death.

Time transspective of a subject of life harmonizes personal attitude to the past, the present and the future, organizes time, linking it with the meaning of life and the solution of social problems.

The problems of value-sense attitude towards time of life lead to time decentralizations in the structure of time transspective and appear in the existential frustrations of time of life.

        Key words: the way of life, time transspective, the subject of time of life, acquirement of time, the value of time of life, existential frustrations of time of life.

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