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Nevstrueva T. H.

        Nevstrueva Tamara Hasyamovna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Psychology Department of the Far Eastern State Transportation University (Khabarovsk).

E-mail: tamaranevst@mail.ru


The article touches upon the process of defining the concrete personal phenomena and concepts including corresponding integrative function of description, explanation and interpreting dynamic traits of the personality.

As an example of such personal phenomena, we examine the identity as invariant concept which fulfils the definite systematic functions.

We found out the conflict between the frequency of the usage of this concept and its terminological instability, the variety of the theoretical concepts, the great amount of empirical data and the problem of creation of adequate diagnostic instrument.

To explain the concept of integrative function we propose the external and internal criteria. The internal criterion includes integrative qualities, integrative potential of personal phenomena and integration of psychological practice, the actual use of the concept, the role of this concept in the personality problem explanation.

The article also deals with such problems as the interrelation of this concept with equivalent notions of self- attitude, self-consciousness, self-determination, self-concept, the ego, the self-image; the problem of diagnostic related to the poly-systematic character of the identity structures; the interrelation of personal and environmental factors in identity forming.

The actual problems of the identity reveals the tendency of defining the concept including the integrity of personal phenomena, the interrelation of dynamic (process) and static (the current self-identity) structures of the ego.

        Key words: personal integration, identity, identification, integrative process, the criteria of integration, self-concept, self-determination, resistance, personal and social identity.

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