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Strelkov Y. K. , Golovey L. A.

        Strelkov Yury Konstantinovich – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of Labour and Engineering Psychology Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

E-mail: strelkov_@mail.ru

        Golovey Larisa Arsenyevna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of Developmental and Differential Psychology Department of the Saint Petersburg State University.


The article tries to construct the concept of personality, combining it with the category of time. The article shows a brief periodization of professional development, because humanitarian approach is aimed at studying of the problem of development. The development appears in the ability to go beyond habitual acts, and one of the main indicators of personal maturity is the ability to act in respective freedom from preset conditions. According to the authors, personal maturity is a multiple phenomena, which components are intrapsychic. They are responsibility, awareness, the ability to self-government and vitality. The attention is focused on the fact that the formation of personal maturity is in the process of solving basic problems of life and overcoming crisis, specific for each age period.

The article is based on humanitarian approach, the main purpose of which is to preserve and maintain human. The objective of this approach is to develop respective attitude to a person. Humanitarian approach is based on the recognition of the role of the significant other. The concepts of time, space, energy and language are introduced with the focus on the role of the significant other, compassion, commiseration and cooperation. The authors show the importance for the development of the concepts of "image of the world" and "executive experience". The concept of "image of the world" allows to see a person in space and time and to reconstruct the content of his inner world. The importance of studying "executive experience" within humanitarian approach is explained as the fact that daily activities and stable relationships with people form the personality and reinforce its structure.

        Key words: person, periodization of professional development, humanitarian approach, time, space, energy, language, the significant other, compassion, commiseration and cooperation, image of the world, the structure of experience.

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