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Vorobyeva C. I.

Dear readers!

        We are pleased to introduce to you the current issue of our journal devoted to the analysis of the problems in the field of psychology of personality. Complexity and ambiguousness of manifestations of a personality, its manysidedness and "majesty" define inexhaustible interest of scientists from different fields of knowledge to its study.

        There was no category like the category of "personality" to which so much attention was paid in domestic psychology. There are a lot of theories of personality, each "has learnt something very important, but at the same time, some other equally important things were left without any attention." Ambiguity and inconsistency in the understanding of the personality shows complexity and diversity of a person. "Personality is a grand formation, which covers the most valuable of us. But it's not clear what exactly it is doing "(V.M. Alakhverdov). The response to this question will be found in future. From discrepant views and theoretical fragmentation, psychology of personality develops common language and logic of the research based on fifty year development of knowledge. According to D.A.Leontiev, psychology of personality entered non-classical phase of its development, leading to the transformation of this field of knowledge into a science.

        The interest to a personality in the context of interdisciplinary knowledge is not accidental. The development of the concepts of personality, both in foreign and domestic psychology is the history of the development of ideas in psychology in general: many of them were developed from different theories of personality, which founded the general fund of explanatory concepts of modern psychology. Today's tendency towards interdisciplinary study of the category of "personality" is viewed in pedagogical, developmental, labour psychology, ethnopsychology and psycholinguistics. The articles presented in the current issue of the journal show the basic theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of personality in the context of interdisciplinary knowledge. The authors describe current theoretical and applied researches in the field of professional psychology of personality.

        In domestic psychology the definition of a personality is focused on the primacy of social as well as the most of Russian psychology school researchers identify the social component of personality. Since the middle of 90s of the twentieth century in the development of the category of personality the tendency to identify its own activity has been viewed as well as a new idea of self-determination of personality has been formed. That shows the overcoming of social determinism of domestic psychology. This tendency is reflected in the materials of the current issue of the journal, in the section devoted to the study of value-sense sphere of the personality.

        A team of authors is very diverse and includes both the country's leading scientists and fledgling researchers. The problems of the articles are quite diverse too. A personality is represented in different social, ethnic and cultural conditions. In this issue the readers will find theoretical, methodological and applied researches in the field of psychology of personality in the context of interdisciplinary knowledge. To save polemical character of some articles, the editorial staff adheres to a common line of the understanding of the phenomenology of personality, which is reflected in the logic of the composition of sections of this issue.

        We hope you will enjoy this issue and believe that you will find many items of interest to you for your work and research endeavors. Each of these articles will be continued in further theoretical studies and are hoped to prove useful in the practices of psychologists working in the field of psychology of labour, organizational, social and pedagogical psychology.

Prof. C.I. Vorobyeva

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