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Ivanova K. A.

        Ivanova, Ksenia Aleksandrovna – Post-graduate student of the Department of Chinese Studies of the School of Regional and International Research, Far East Federal University (Vladivostok).

E-mail: bai_ling@mail.ru


The article is devoted to the analysis of Chinese linguists' published works, which present greetings peculiarities of the modern Chinese language and type classifications of this etiquette device. Based on published works, the author of the article classifies Chinese greetings according to their lexical and semantical variety and the situation they applied in. The author offers a generalized and more detailed classification of Chinese greetings.

Greetings play the function of attracting attention and serve to start communication. Types of Chinese greetings are: commonly used; used for the first meeting; used for an informal visit; phone and public greetings.

Greetings may contain wishes, congratulations, compliments, apologies, and condolences. The main particularity of Chinese greetings is that addressings perform function of greetings. The content of greetings depends on the circumstances of communication (place of meeting, occupation of companion at the moment).

        Key words: speech etiquette, greetings types, published works by the Chinese linguists.

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