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Kodan S. V.

        Kodan, Sergey Vladimirovich – Doctor of Science (Law), Professor, Lawyer Emeritus of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of the Theory of State and Law at the Ural State Law Academy (Yekaterinburg).


The paper provides analysis of the place and the role of formation of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire in the policy and practices of the Russian state. The author shows the place and the role of M.M. Speransky in the process of preparing the concept of complex systematization of the Russian legislation, determination of the place of the Code in it, and establishment of the rules for compiling and organizing works for promoting the orderliness of statutes. He also describes the course of the systematization works, the structure of the Code, the order of its promulgation, and its enactment and reissue. The Code of Laws as an act of systematization is characterized by the following features: it was an official publication of the ordered current national (imperial) legislation with heightened official status (it was authorized by the Emperor) and acted as the main source of positive law; it was formed on the basis of preliminary multilevel processing of the legislation - a combination of two types of systematization - consolidation and incorporation; it officially established the system of legislation, and served as a legal classification which allowed prompt search for the normative-legal material currently in force. The paper states that publication of the Code of Laws was a significant breakthrough in the legal development of Russia. It created conditions for further improvement of the legal regulation of relations and an opportunity for its further adjustment in the Russian Empire. The Code of Laws improved the level of legality in the activities of governmental bodies and legislative practices and underlay the study of Russian law in the legal educational institutions. The Code also significantly impacted the development and formation of Russian legal science and education. Systematization activities resulted in the area of legal technique dealing with promoting orderliness of the legislation. Domestic experience of the development of legislative technique can also be employed in the formation of the Code of Laws of the Russian Federation.

        Key words: history of state and law, legislative policy, legislative activities, system of law, systematization of law, code of laws, legal technique.

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