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Guins G. C.

         This paper by G.C. Guins, devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, was published in "Dni Russkoi Kultury" ("Days of Russian Culture") of the 1935 annual journal of the Russian immigration to China. The paper presents the author’s text without any alternations but in the present-day orthography according to the 1918 reform of Russian orthography conducted in the Soviet Russia. This published work characterizes the attitude of the Russian emigrants towards the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire personified by one of its most prominent representatives.

This published work and commentaries were prepared by
Doctor of Science (History) M.A. Koval'chuk


This paper is devoted to the centenary of the enactment of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire. It was published in Harbin (China). The author provides analysis of the role of this monument of law in the development of Russian legislation. The author is sure the Code of Laws will be needed for a new Russia free of the Bolsheviks.


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