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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2012


(In commemoration of the 180th anniversary of the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire)

Guins G. C. The Code of Laws
Novitzkaya T. E. Status of the Emperor during the Epoch of the "Palace Reshuffle" (Middle 18th Century)
Smykalin A. S. Problems of relationships between the Russian State and the Russian Orthodox Church: Historical Legal Aspect (1917-1941)
Kozlikhin I. Y. Jewish Law
Kodan S. V. The Code of Laws of the Russian Empire in the State-Legal Development of Russia (1820-1850)
Kovalchuk M. A. Legal Status of the Railways of the Russian Empire (19th - beginning of the 20th centuries)
Zipunnikova N. N. Educational-Scientific Sphere of the Russian Empire: Ideology, Administration, Legal Regulation
Morozov S. A. Specific Features of the Legal Status of Foreigners in Russia in the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries
Sazankova O. V. The Role of the Governing Senate of the Russian Empire as the Supreme Judicial Body in the Development of Legal Regulation of Public Relations in Late 19th - Early 20th century
Khridina N. A. The Organizational-Legal Foundations for Martial Law in the USSR during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)
Chesnokov I. V. Activities of the Governor-General of His Imperial Majesty in the Far East during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905)


Filonov S. V. The Taoist Concept of Life
Alyokhin E. V. Problems of Counteraction against Criminal Extremism in the Russian Far East
Borisova U. S. Specific Features of the Ethnic-Cultural Identification of Sakha Students
Buchko N. P. The Political Opinions of Anti-Bolshevik Officers in the Armed Forces in Siberia and the Far East during the Civil War in Russia
Vakulenko O. B. Community Land Management in the Amur Village at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Gareeva I. A. Dynamics of Change of the Attitude of the Population towards the Health-Care System (Based on the Example of the Khabarovsk Kray)
Zabiyako A. A. The Role of the Archival Marginality in the Textual Practice of Literary Study of the Far East Abroad
Ivanova K. A. Types of Greetings in the Modern Chinese Language
Krjukov I. V. Activity of the Russian Society of the Red Cross in the Preparation of Junior and Intermediate Medical Staff in the Far East of the RSFSR in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)
Lyakhov D. A. The Model of Political Organization of the White Primorie (May 1921 - June 1922)
Makuha N. A. The Chinese East Railway and Kwantung Area as Objects of Russian Chinese Border Relations in the Far East in the End of the 19th - Beginning of the 20th Centuries
Mendelev N. G. Some Projects for the Social Development of the Indigenous Peoples of the Far East and Contemporary Practice in their Realization
Romanova V. V. , Mamaeva T. G. Charitable Activity of Russian Businessmen in Harbin (the First Half of the 20th Century)
Savchenko S. N. The Financial and Military Aid of the Allies to the Far Eastern Atamans in the Spring-Summer of 1918.
Sokolskaya M. V. Dynamics of Personal Health in the Process of a Professional's Formation (for professionals of the Far Eastern region)
Teselskaya I. P. The Railway Cadre in the Far East during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)
Tolkacheva N. V. Characteristics of the Main Periods of Russian Historiography of Kamchatka History (Problems of Incorporation into Russia, Colonization and History of its Peoples)
Demchenko S. G. Formation of Students' Gender Culture as a Factor of Humanization of Educational Environment in Agrarian University (on the Example of the Far Eastern State Agrarian University)
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