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Proshina Z. G.

Dear Readers,

        You are holding the new special issue of the journal "Cultural-Language Polyparadigm". Actually, we are living in a period when the interdisciplinary research has become especially urgent and language issues are considered in their inseparable connection with cultural issues. Word has become the most important means of culture expression. In this connection a polyparadigmatic consideration of the culture-language interdependence, which assumes a multiplicity of approaches to problems to be discussed, has become an urgent demand of scientific research and generalizations.

        In this issue you will find works on cognitive linguistics - a direction that has become very popular in our country during the latest decades; on discourse linguistics and especially on academic discourse; on World Englishes, contact linguistics and linguacultural studies; on terminology, metaphorology, corpora linguistics, translation studies, philology, methods and history of pedagogy associated with teaching languages and cultures. As a matter of fact, none of the papers included in this issue can be referred to as unidirectional - almost every our author employs the polyparadigm approach in research of their problem. What is important here is that the research paradigms are not in competitive but in complementary relationships; they mutually complement each other and enrich both the theory developed and the readers they are intended for.

        Our authors are mature researchers whose names are widely known in the research community and young researchers who present to your consideration fragments of their dissertation research. I would also like to draw your attention to the geography of our authors, which proves that the journal authority is growing and it is gaining recognition from the research community. This particular issue presents the work of researchers from the Far East and the central parts of Russia. For Far Easterners the journal has become a medium and source of dissemination of polyparadigmatic research. The theory of our Japanese colleague Prof. Hino turned out to be very close to the concepts of Russian researchers. The meeting with Prof. Hino became possible thanks to the active work of the Far Eastern Association of English Language Teachers which closely cooperates with the Pan-Asian Consortium of Professional Associations. The paper offered by Prof. N. Hino touches upon topical issues of the present day status of the English language as a language of cross-cultural communication. It is not only that these issues are of paramount importance for Russian and Japanese research communities; they are also being widely discussed at many international conferences.

        We do hope that the material published in this issue will find interested readers who will be capable of applying it to the further development of research paradigms, to further discussions and new creative investigations.

Zoya G. Proshina,
Doctor of Philology, Professor
Head of the Philology Section

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