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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #4, year 2011


Proshina Z. G. Editorial


Boronin A. A. Semantic Influence of an Author's Image upon Characters' Microtexts in a Semiotic Group*
Vlasova T. M. Unarticulated Sounds as a Part of an Emotionally Coloured Discourse (Based on the English Language) (translated by M.V. Yashchenko)
Voloshchenko V. G. Ways of Translation of Japanese Idioms with Zoomorphic and Anthropomorphic Components*
Vorobiyova I. A. The Concept "Toska" in the Russian Language Picture of the World*
Zavyalova V. L. Language Corpora in Linguistic Pedagogy and Research (Phonological Aspects) (translated by T.N. Tagirova)
Ivankova T. A. Indian English in Subtitles (translated by the author)
Karpets E. V. Principles of Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Socio-Cultural Contents of a Modern English Language Textbook*
Koulchitskaya L. V. Cognitive Approach to Metaphor in Science VS. Scientific Metaphor: a Quest for a Divide (translated by the author)
Mal’neva E. Y. A Dream as Abyss, Death and Teeth: Metaphorical Cognitive Models in the Individual Style of Edgar Allan Poe (translated by the author)
Parshutkina T. A. The Principal Trends of the Development of Foreign Language Education in Russia in the 18th-19th Centuries*
Rassokha M. N. Lexical Differences in Varieties of English from the Discursive Perspective (translated by the author)
Rivlina A. A. Language Contact in Folk Metalinguistic Reflection (Based on Modern English-Russian Interaction) (translated by the author)
Tokareva G. A. Polyvalent Phenomena in Study of Literature: Terminilogical and Functional Aspects
Fyodorov V. V. American Newspapers Phraseology: The Formation of Expressiveness (translated by the author)
Nobuyuki Hino WE in the Expanding Circle Need our Own Models Too! Quest for Equality in World Englishes
Khokhlova I. N. Language Variety Definition in General and Special Lexicography (translated by the author)


Anisimova S. G. Drug Addiction in the Russian Far East: Trends in the Yakut Society*
Akhmetova A. V. , Bobyshev S. V. The Development of Healthcare and Sanitation Services of Traditional Ethnic Groups of Far East Russia in the 1950s to the First Half of the 1960s.*
Biryukov A. A. Formation of Peripheral Capitalism in Russia and Its Consequences for the Far Eastern Territories*
Zherdev P. A. Specific Features of the Interaction between the Investigating Officer and Inquiry Bodies at the Initial Stage of Investigation of Forgery or Destruction of an Identification Number of Vehicle*
Zavyalova S. V. Regional Tourist Legislation as a Problem of Legal Regulation of the Tourist Industry*
Koval'chuk M. A. , Strelkova E. V. Organizational Legal Measures of the Struggle with the Revolutionary Movement at the Railways of the Russian Far East in the Early 20th Century*
Kravchuk S. A. Border Protection of the Soviet-Korean Frontier in the Second Part of the 20th Century: Problems and the Ways of Resolution*
Krotova M. V. Soviet-Chinese Management of the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1924-1935*
Morozova O. M. Changes and Development of Political Moods of the Amur Cossacks from February 1917 till April 1918*
Pestushko Y. S. Russian-Japanese Discussions on the Assignment of the Russian Dyplomatic Representative in Korea*
Santsevich Y. S. Impact of the Religious Factor on the Political Life in the Republic of Korea*

*Abstracts only
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