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Grebenichenko T. V.

        Grebenichenko, Tatiana Vasilievna – Candidate of Science (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Amur Humanitarian-Pedagogical University (Komsomolsk-on-Amur).

E-mail: tv_grebenichenko@mail.ru


The paper presents the analysis of the evolution of V.V. Rozanov's teaching on spirit. Category of spirit is in the center of the of the philosophy of the thinker, which considers it as a living basis and makes this category seem like living knowledge that generally corresponds with Russian philosophies and traditions; committing to the synthesis of faith and reason, as well as abstract and concrete. The concept of spirit is associated with the concepts of absolute, identified with it, and so the philosopher tries to decide the problem of religious ontology on the basis of mysticism.

        Key words: spirit, doctrine of understanding; "living" creative force; forms of spirit: reason, feeling, will; historical Christianity; philosophy of "life"; "religion of life".

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