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Zangirov V. G.

        Zangirov, Vladimir Gaifulovich – Candidate of Science (Philosophy), Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Far East State Transport University (Khabarovsk).


The paper researches the fundamental bases of the structures of human experience. The experience is considered as an existential relation of human nature to life world. The structure of experience is shown as form of unity of the general life positioning of a human in the world based on subjectivity, objectivity, trans-objectivity, inter-subjectivity of man's attitude towards the world. Hence, human experience is a way of uncovering of the factual historicity of the life world of man. The structure of experience is shown as an expression of unity of manifestations of human nature, life world of man and forms of life positioning of man in the world.

        Key words: essence of experience, structure of experience, human nature, unity of experience, existential basis of experience, subjectivity of experience, objectivity of experience, transobjectivity of experience, intersubjectivity of experience, subject of life positioning, historical actuality of life world of a human.

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