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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2011



Arutyunyan M. P. , Rudetsky О. А. , Lushkina Т. А. Anthropology of Subjective Reality: on the Results of the All-Russian Scientific Conference*
Doubrovskiy D. I. Subjective Reality as a Subject of Philosophical and Scientific Research (Theoretical and Methodological Aspects) (translated by Mal'neva E.Y., Hinson A.)
Markov B. V. Analytics of Corporal Experience (translated by Varitsky I.V., Hinson A.)
Martishina N. I. Existence Criteria of Subjective Reality and its Phenomena (translated by Tagirova T.N., Hinson A.)
Serdyukov Y. M. The Problem of Time in Near Death Experience (translated by Tagirova T.N., Hinson A.)



Azhimov F. E. Metaphysics and Ontology: The Problem of Demarcation*
Arutyunyan M. P. The Concept of Worldview within the Discourse of Metaphysics*
Davydov V. V. On the Possibility of Deactualization of the Psychological Perspective in Evolutionary-Anthropological Research of Consciousness*
Dokuchaev I. I. Foundations for Deduction of Metaphysical Systems and the Problem of Reliability*
Zangirov V. G. Structure and Forms of the Human Experience*
Kormochi E. A. The Language of Non-reflexive Forms of Cognition: the Experience of Philosophical Analysis*
Ognev V. Y. Crisis of Philosophy and the Role of Non-classical Dialectics in its Resolution*
Savitskaya T. V. To the Problem of the Epistemological Status of Faith*
Turkulets A. V. Psychological Aspects of Social Cognition*


Artashkina Т. А. Hyybrid Identity as a Result of the 1990s Sociocultural Revolution in Russia*
Bisovskaya O. V. Multiple Dimensions of the Category of Tolerance*
Gerasimenko A. P. Ambivalence of Law and Order*
Gotnoga A. V. To the Critic of Metaphysical Foundations of Prognostication of the Historical Process*
Davydov O. B. Dialectics of the Far East Regional Identity under Globalization*
Kim V. V. Fanaticism: to the Definition of the Concept*
Kuznetsova L. V. Consumption as a Method of Constructing Individual Identity*
Livshits R. L. Illusion as a Phenomenon of Cognition and Practice*
Nikitenko T. A. Factors of Mythologization of the Ideas about Reality in Modern Cyberspace*
Popsuiko A. N. Theoretical and Methodological Foundations for Research of Global Processes*
Smirnova M. Y. Epistemic Communities as a Factor of Formation of Knowledge-Based Society*
Stadnik V. Y. Philosophical Aspects of the Concepts of a Rational Resolution of Conflicts*
Shkurkin A. M. Ambivalence of Labor in Coordinates of Spirituality of Man*


Bakhitov S. B. Liberalism and Marxism Reflected by the Postmodernist Objectivism of H. White*
Grebenichenko T. V. Spirit as Understood by V.V. Rozanov*
Kireeva I. O. Reconstruction of Meanings of the Concepts "Mentality" (Mental) and "Mindset" in the Discourse of "Intellectual Hisroty" and the movement of "Annals"*
Pishun S. V. Religious Metaphysics of F.A. Golubinsky: Synthesis of Ontology, Epistemology and Speculative Psychology Experiment*
Potapchuk V. I. , Potapchuk E. Y. Two Tendencies in Understanding the Government in Russian Socio-Philosophical Thought*
Shurygina O. V. Attitude to the Phenomenon of Conflict as a Criterion for Division of Philosophical Tradition into Positivist-Rational and Transcendent-Irrational Traditions in the 19th - Beginning of the 20th Centuries*


Antipov A. A. Living Images of Ideas" of F.M. Dostoevsky: about Philosophical Eidology of a Writer's Creative Work*
Manikovskaya M. A. From the Language of Art to Discourse of Artistic Culture*
Tyshchenko I. V. The Problem of Consciousness in Transpersonal Psychology of S. Grof*

*Abstracts only
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