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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2011


Romanova V. V. Foreword (translated by E.A. Yashkina)
Pikalov Y. V. City Businessmen in the Soviet Far East during the New Economic Policy (translated by E.A. Yashkina)
Dubinina N. I. Far Eastern Watch of Jan Gamarnik (translated by E.A. Yashkina)
Kulinich N. G. Experience of the Establishment of the Soviet Festivity Culture in the Cities of the Far East in the 1920s (translated by T.N. Tagirova)
Tsukanov S. S. Cooperation of the Far Eastern Revolutionary Committee and People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs in the Process of Preparing the Soviet-Japanese Agreement of 1925*
Romanova V. V. Realization of the "Birobidzhan Project" and Foreign Jewry (Late 1920s-1930s) (translated by T.N. Tagirova)
Osipova M. V. Research Expeditions of the 1920s-1930s in the Territory of the Khabarovsk Kray and their Impact on Domestic and World Ethnography (Historiographic Aspect) (translated by T.N. Tagirova)
Krizhanovskaya Y. S. Birth of the Amur Theatre (translated by E.A. Yashkina)
Tuzhilin S. V. From the History of the Soviet Counter-Intelligence Service: "Far Eastern "Trust"" (1939-1945)*


Timoshenko V. N. East Asian Community and its Prospects for Russia and the Asian Pacific Countries*
Rudetsky O. A. Integration Processes of the World of Globalization and Ethnical Structures of the Russian Far East*
Maksimova Y. S. Realization of Compromise Strategies in Conditions of Intercultural Communication between Western and Oriental Cultures*
Platonova N. M. Formation of the Construction Industry as a Branch of Industrial Complex in the Far East of the USSR in 1965-1970*
Efendieva G. V. "In the Same Ranks with the Soviet Generation …": about the Creativity of the Young Poets of the 1940s*
Akhmylovskaya L. A. , Barysh A. Y. Theatrical Vladivostok in the Sphere of Ideological Transformation (1922-1941)
Yakhimovich S. Y. Soviet Citizens in North Manchuria during the Conflict on the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1929*
Chernov V. A. Formation of the Inn Business as a Stage in the Development of the Hospitality Industry (on the Example of the Far East)*

*Abstracts only
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