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Vorobyova C. I.

Dear readers!

        Another regular thematic issue is devoted to the psychology of subject, which has its own history in domestic research and gains currency in the modern psychological science. The category of subject, which was introduced in psychological science by S.L. Rubinstein, got its fruitful development in the writings of his followers - K.A. Abulkhanova and A.V. Brushlinsky. Currently, domestic psychological theories and concepts are imbued with the idea of subject; many scientific conferences are held, the number of research papers whose authors turn to subject category is growing.

        The category of subject is of primary importance in domestic psychology. As A. Brushlinskii writes, the development of psychology of subject is "a way to establish the unity of the whole psychology". Appropriately, the subjective approach groups around the basic methodological principles and approaches that are specific to the domestic psychology: a cultural-historical and system-activity approach, the principle of determinism and semantic approach to the study of personality. According to K.A. Abulkhanova-Slavskaya, it is subject that must be the point of psychology. And from the point of view of new system-subject approach, arising from a combination of subject-activity and systems approaches, the conceptual center of psychology is a person as a subject of activity, communication, relationships and experience.

        The articles presented in this issue, turn to the study of subject within the humanitarian approach, the peculiarity of which according to S.L. Rubinstein is the subjectivity and value-mediated knowledge. The aim of the humanitarian approach in studying subject is "to preserve, maintain something that is humane and valuable for a person" (Y.K. Strelkov).

        In our issue readers will find both methodological analysis of scientific categories related to the problem of psychology of subject and theoretical and empirical research of: the subject of work (values and value-semantic sphere of a professional, professional dignity and psychological culture etc.); realization of subject activity in professional sphere; the relationship of professional identity and the level of subjectivity of a person in difficult professional situations; subjectivity and subjective characteristics of an individual (subjective well-being, humility, tolerance etc.); self-actualization and personal growth of the coping subject in difficult life situations etc.

        We hope that the materials we offer will arouse interest, inspire future theoretical studies, and will be useful for the work of psychologists.

Prof. C. Vorobyova

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