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Livshitz R. L.

        Livshitz, Rudolf L’vovich – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Faculty of Philosophy and Socio-Political Disciplines at the Amur Humanitarian Pedagogical University (Komsomolsk-on-Amur).

E-mail: rudliv@mai.ru


The global crisis which engulfed the modern world foregrounds a problem of a personal existential choice. One of the options of this choice is the choice of escapism. Reasons in favor of escapism are extensively expressed in Semen L. Frank's work "The meaning of life". The following article is structured as a dispute against the ideas, declared in the mentioned work. Our article is set to prove the idea of escapism being a wrong existential strategy and the idea of impossibility for a human to escape the responsibility to history.

        Key words: existential strategy, self-realization, escapism, responsible to history.

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