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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #3, year 2010



Markov B. V. The Problem of Soul and Body in Philosophical Anthropology (translated by I.V. Varitskiy)
Pishun S. V. The Religious and Philosophical Doctrine of the Soul and Epistemology of Archbishop Innocent (Borisov) (translated by I.V. Varitskiy)
Serdyukov Y. M. On the Existence of Eternity
Filonov S. V. Yellow Court Scripture" and Taoist Concept of Transcendence
Savchuk V. V. An Essay on Topological Reflection (translated by I.V. Varitskiy)
Lipsky B. I. Truth as a Communication Tool (translated by I.V. Varitskiy)
Livshitz R. L. Human Responsibility to History. Against Escapism
Litvinskiy V. M. In Search of Lost Reality: How Should One Read Freud? (translated by I.V. Varitskiy)


Shkurkin A. M. , Okul I. I. , Shutova P. A.Regionalization of the Institutional Environment of the Labor Market in the Russian Far East*.
Anikhovskiy S. E. , Li Xing. Formation and Development of Islam in China in the 13th-17th Centuries*
Pestushko Y. S. The Problem of Nonequivalence in Trade for Japanese Goods in the Priamurie Kray and Attempts at its Resolution by Russian Government (1905-1914)*
Barysh A. Y. , Akhmylovskaya L. A. The Analitical Phase of the Project of Adaptation of the Novel "Migavari" by Tamao Arieshi for Performance at "Book-It" Repertory Theatre*
Volkov A. F. Specific Features of the Formation of the System of Preferential Retirement Security in the Russian Far East: History and Present Situation*

Garistova E. Y. H. Spenser's Evolutinalism and the Criticism of it by the Orthodox*

*Abstracts only
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