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Byun D. -H.

        Byun, Dong-Hyun – Doctor in Mass Communication, Professor, School of Media, Sogang University (Seoul, Korea).


This paper addresses the communication development process between Korea and Russia, the trend of news coverage on Russia by Korean media, and problems and direction for improvement for better communication between the two nations. The findings are as follows; First, cooperation between both Korean and Russian media is needed. Exchange of articles, education, and regular critique on counterparty's articles are cases in point. Second, attention and interest from Russia in the Korean media are needed. Russian embassy in Korea should provide news briefing and reporting items quickly and periodically. Third, efforts should be made for both nations to pay more attention to the counterparty's media coverage. Korea should also develop more interest in Russian journalists and media that cover Korea. Forth, systematic monitoring on media coverage is needed at either government level or citizen level. Messages that request correction to the media should be delivered so that corrective actions can be taken immediately. Fifth, when it comes to international issues in particular, TV should refrain from sending out provocative and sensational images and focus more on qualitative reporting (stressing ethics). Finally, we cannot recognize the world with news in fragments only. Before understanding the news, we should also understand different world cultures and life styles. From such a point of view, we should not concentrate solely on the media news, but we need to expand to cultural software like movies and videos in exchange.

        Key words: international communication, media coverage, Korea-Russia relationship, media agenda, media frame, national image.

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