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Yoon Y.

        Yoon, Youngchul – Doctor of Mass Communication, Professor, Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.


This study attempts to examine the relationship between the mass media and the recent political transition from authoritarian rule to political democracy in South Korea. The primary concern of this study is the interplay between the changing power structure and the mass media. This study focuses on two questions. First, this study will analyze how the democratization process in South Korea influenced the pattern and the mechanism of media control. Given that even democratic regimes did not completely stop their effort to exert influence over news making, different strategies of media control across different regimes will be comparatively examined. Second, it will bring up some major issues associated with the confrontation between the right-wing news media and the left-wing ones, and will attempt to explain how the press-party parallelism works, especially when it comes to the news coverage of politically and ideologically controversial issues.

        Key words: democratization, state-media relationship, press liberalization, media control, repression, incorporation, cooptation, power shift, press-party parallelism.

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