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Lee W. S.

        Lee, Wan Soo – Doctor of Journalism, Assistant Professor, School of Visual and Mass Communication, Dongseo University (Busan, Korea).


There are no agreed rules or directions about how to teach journalism. The methods and goals of journalism education are different from the socio-cultural features of the country, the perceptions of the people in the country and the environment and features of media. This study aimo to find out how the journalism programs of universities in Korea are constructed of ,who teaches them and for what purposes they are towards. In particular, this study discusses whether the journalism education in Korea is heading in a right direction matching conditions of the multi-media age. Based on this discussion, this study proposes that journalism education of universities in Korea should develop appropriate curriculums for media convergence, should aim at ‘a synthetic knowledge model' rather a ‘the theoretical model' or ‘practice model', should cultivate journalists with multiple abilities for adapting to changes of media environments, and needs to secure practical teams of professors who can provide a functional education in media. This study has proposes to discuss the structural limitations of journalism education of universities in Korea which can weaken the functions which integrate societies, develop democracy and provide public discussion cultures.

        Key words: journalism education, changed media environment, multimedia, media-convergence, contextual knowledge, journalism educator, journalism function.

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