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Ustinova I. P.

        Ustinova, Irina Pavlovna – Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Department of English Language, Southeast Missouri State University (Cape Girardeau, USA).


The article focuses on the commercial advertising genres in Russia. Advertising discourse has its own salient and specific features, one of them being the influence of English and language mixing as the main source of linguistic creativity. In the commercials, where 80 4010020040f all genres employ the mix, the presence of English is a dominant feature. The impact of English can be also seen in the fact that some Russian TV commercials make use of the same plots, scenes and characters of their Western analogs. Abundance of English usage in the commercials can be explained by social and functional reasons as English serves a marker of novelty, modernization, and high quality products.

        Key words: advertising discourse, commercial advertising, code- mixing, comparison, demonstration, language contact, testimony.

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