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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2010


Spassky Е. N. Editorial



Vashchuk А. S. , Savchenko А. Е. Socio-Political Security, Regional Politics and Development as Topical Problems of the Russian Far East
Smolyakov V. A. Regionalization of East Asia: Forms, Problems, and Perspectives
Kireev A. A. Yellow Peril" and the Development of the Russian Far East in the 1850s - 1900s.
Chernov V. A. Means of Communication as a Factor in the Development of Exit Tourism in the Russian Far East
Pupey V. V. The Role of Political Parties of the People's Republic of China in the Process of the Reunification of China


Ishchenko E. P. Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Moratorium of the Death Penalty*
Semenov V. A. Theoretical Capabilities of the Russian Conflictology within the Sphere of Self-Knowledge of the Present-Day Russian Society*
Shkurkin A. M. , Okul I. I. Social Institutes, Filters and Asymmetries of the Labour Market of a Region*
Breitman A. S. The "Russian Idea" of A. Tarkovsky: Confessions about Russia
Kim A. S. Diaspora as a National Minority: Ethno-Political Explication*
Smirnov B. V. , Telichev A. V. Demand as a Universal Unit of Social Measurement: a Methodological Approach*
Dovgal G. V. The Political Elite: a Question on the Russian Experience of Research*
Khobta V. V. Russian Choice: a Political Elite or an Intelligentsia?*
Filippova А. G. Crisis within the Social Realization of Childhood (based on materials of the Khabarovsk Kray at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries)*
Volozhanina L. N. The Adaptive Capabilities of Teachers of Higher Education in Present-Day Russia*
Kudryashov А. B. Socio-Pedagogical Problems of Development of the Culture of Tolerance in the Students of Higher Educational Establishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia*
Turkulets S. E. Society Governed by the Rule of Law": a Social Project and/or a National Idea of Russia*
Ryabova E. L. Research Journal as a Factor of Development of the Сommunication Medium within Russian Society*


Grigoriev B. V. On Ideology, Philosophy and Science*

*Abstracts only
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