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 The work was supported by the Russian State Scientific Fund GRANT, Project № 09-06-00848а.
Strelkov. Y. К.

        Strelkov Yury Konstantinovich – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of the Labor and Engineering Psychology Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.


The activities of a subject must be considered among numerous processes of the surrounding world represented as flexible and mobile structures of experience. Professional experience is a mobile structure oriented to the present (current performance) and the future (achievement of a goal, collecting of experience, and maintaining of one's professionalism). Memory and attention are not the only structures corresponding with the structures of experience; the latter also correspond with expectations, anticipations and projection. Based on the traces of task solving synchronization, continuance retension/duration, and reproduction of sequence and rhythm are possible. The structures of experience are of temporal coherence - their current fuctioning is connected with previous and future performance and unified with successful and incorrect performance.

        Key words: duration/continuance, sequence, synchronization, the present, the past, the future, form, process, labor, anticipation, memory, operation, engineering psychology, humanitarian approach.

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