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Vorobyeva C. I.

Dear readers!

        We are pleased to introduce to you the current issue of our journal. This issue is devoted to a relatively new field of modern psychological research - the social psychology of labor. The choice of this subject area is not accidental. The current social and economic changes, globalization, and the infusion of information technology that are taking place in today's world, have led to a significant change in the world of professions. As a result there is an urgent need for understanding of the psychological phenomena connected with "the subject of professional activity out of the "person-profession" system into the system "person-world"" (E.P. Ermolaeva).

        Despite the fact that Russian psychology of labor has significant scientific materials in the field of professional selection and suitability, formation and development of professional operations and skills, the psychological analysis of various types of professional work, the problems of the relationship and mutual influence between social conditions and the subject of professional activity have not been the focus of most researchers.

        On the pages of this issue, you will find a methodical analysis of the social psychology of labor (professional experience, the social realization of a professional, environmental consciousness of a professional, the subjective complexity of labor, etc.), as well as theoretical and empirical studies of specific social and personality determinants of professional behaviour, professional success as the subject of professional activity (subjective activity, assertiveness, spiritual and moral values, sense of professionalism, professional dignity and the psychological culture of the teacher, etc.).

        The study of the subject of professional activity in relation to the specific social, psychological and moral aspects of laborin the context of rapid socioeconomic changes in society is the main theoretical and methodological position for all the authors of the articles presented in this issue.

        According to Y.K. Strelkov in the psychology of labor "…there have been a lot of works in recent years in which the authors point to the need for a humanitarian approach, where the central point is the attitude of one to the significant other". Most of the studies presented in this issue are made in the humanitarian paradigm that allows us to not only expand the arsenal of research methods, but also to make the observed object more accessible for deep psychological analysis.

        Both domestic and foreign authors are published in this issue. Many of the articles in this issue are the result of ongoing research or fragmented ideas that will illustrate to the reader the various directions in the study of the social psychology of labour. We hope you will enjoy this issue and believe that you will find many items of interest to you for your work and research endeavors. Each of these articles will be continued in further theoretical studies and are hoped to prove useful in the practices of psychologists working in the field of psychology of laborand organizational and social psychology.

Prof. C. Vorovjeva

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