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Volpi F.

        Volpi, Franco Born in 1952. He died recently April 15th, 2009. He was a Professor of the University of Padova (Italy). After 2000 he headed the Chair Contemporary Philosophy. He wrote several articles in several languages, as well as well-known books: Heidegger e Brentano (1976), Heidegger e Aristotele (1984), Il nigilosmo (1996, second edition 2005), and Enciclopedia de obras de filosofia 3 volumes, 2005. Last year he was elected a member of the International Institute of Philosophy.


Opposite to a merely "genitive" conception of Philosophy of Techno-science, the author proposes the "nominative" approach to it in order to analyse critically the overriding role of Techno-Science in our Globalization Era. The author realizes the collapse of the traditional optimism which considered the techno-scientific development as the main ally for the humanistic ideal of progress and emancipation. According to his proposal we need re-thinking Techno-science in our days without unfounded optimism, from the point of view of a non-anthropocentric humanism which cannot be either nostalgic or catastrophic, "searching out symbolic resources to give meaning to the dwelling of humanity on the earth".

        Key words: Philosophy of Technology, Techno-science, technology, humanism, globalization.

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