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Serdyukov Y. M.

        Serdyukov Yury Mikhailovich – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Philosophy Department at the Far Eastern State Transportation University, Khabarovsk.
        e-mail: editor@festu.kht.ru


The author considers contemporary state of the problem of transcendental person in two major aspects: immortality of the soul and correlation between phenomenological and transcendental knowledge. On basis of the results of study of near death experience (NDE) and research into evolutional epistemology the author comes to the conclusion that at the present stage of development of scientific and philosophical knowledge the concept of psycho-physiological wholeness of person shows to be more substantiated than the ideas of transcendental and phenomenal person.

        Key words: transcendental person, phenomenal, immortality of the soul, evolutional epistemology, natural information systems.

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