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Serdyukov Y.M.

Dear readers,

        One can hardly find more complicated problems in philosophy than methodological. They have existed through the whole evolution of philosophical knowledge and became especially acute in the second half of the

        20th century when all humanitarian sciences faced methodological crisis. It was the period when principles of philosophical and scientific rationality which were previously considered unshakable undergone revision and a question of their adequacy to the era of information technologies arose.

        In Russian philosophy this overall crisis coincided with the demolition of the official ideology and depriving Marxism of the status of universal world-view paradigm. Removal of ideological filters and sequent avalanche-like information flow caused methodological confusion when philosemes often integrated sophistically into political or para-scientific contexts. One of the main causes for such confusion was more than a half-century isolation of Russian philosophical community from the main schools of world philosophy. Procrustean bed of Marxism had long made development of non-marxist theories in Russia impossible, prevented from full-fledged integration of new ideas in Russian philosophy and deprived an overwhelming majority of lecturers and researchers of access to modern philosophical texts. For this reason it is practically impossible to come across the names of our compatriots not only among the founders of modern philosophical trends but even among the authors of the most authoritative philosophical journals, such as "Dialectica", "Mind", "Cognition", etc.

        Nevertheless, in spite of significant difficulties Russian philosophy promptly reacted to new challenges and problems including methodological crisis. The results of research in the latter are shown in a number of special publications. "Methodology of Philosophical Knowledge" is among them. It is a collection of articles of Russian and foreign philosophers. They united their efforts for explication of common problem. Our collection does not claim to be exhaustive. Nevertheless the interested reader will find competent interpretation of a number of problems of methodological knowledge ranging from the philosophy of science to the history of philosophy.

        Working on this issue required joint efforts of the authors and the co-organizers: Prof. Solonin Yury N., the Dean of the Philosophical Faculty at the Saint-Petersburg University, suggested the theme and united the efforts of Saint-Petersburg philosophers; Prof. Calvo-Martinez Tomas Mariano, the President of the International Institute of Philosophy (Paris) supported the participation of the foreign colleagues-philosophers; Prof. Pishun Sergey V., Rector of the Ussuriisk State Pedagogical Institute (Ussuriisk) provided significant help in translation of the articles of Russian philosophers into English.

        We deeply appreciate their participation and sincerely hope that "Methodology of Philosophical Knowledge" will be of considerable interest to our readers.


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