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Alekseeva V. V.

        Alekseeva, Vera Valeryevna – Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor of the Chair of Russian Language at the Far Eastern State Transportation University.


The article deals with the key concepts "intercultural communication" and "ethno linguistics". The given concepts are considered as the background to the problem of teaching intercultural communication in a Russian University and developing the notions of foreign student about the language as an expression of social and cultural reality. The paper presents general theoretical aspect of methods of studying intercultural communication in the developing society. An attempt is made to determine the main tasks for teaching the native language as a foreign one as the main means of a successful communication between interlocutors in the intercultural dialogue.

        Key words: Language training, teaching intercultural interaction, ethnic originality, specific values, national character, tolerant behaviour, language and culture interaction, lingual regional geography, ethnolinguistics, lingual-culturology, tolerance to other cultures, cultural history formation, strategic targets of modern formation.

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