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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Lazareva L. P.

Dear readers,

        This new thematic issue of the journal is devoted to important problems of cross-cultural communication within integrated educational sphere of the Far East. This topic is determined by demand for efficient resources of cross-cultural interaction with students in modern higher education. Academic atmosphere of modern educational institutions is poly-cultural. Resolution of the problem of cross-cultural interaction with students is possible through the accentuation of the communication issues by international research community.
        The authors of the papers of this issue present their understanding of the ways of resolution of these problems by the analysis of the scientific and practical aspects which are of high importance for any educational system regardless its ethno-cultural characteristics.
        No matter how multi-faceted the aspects under study are all the authors are united by their scientific and practical positions. Cross-cultural communication within the context of modern educational issues determined by globalization is both the condition and the means of the dialogue between cultures. The papers of the issue affirm the idea that the dialogue between cultures is the position which allows avoiding any types of unequal relationships between cultures. Dialogue between cultures can be a methodological basis for educational process.
        The teachers of higher school must remember about the need of continuous improvement of their cross-cultural competence. The teachers of Russian and foreign institutions of higher education who have provided papers for this issue are writing about the conditions and methods of competence approach in the organization of cross-cultural communication. The papers cover the problems which constitute the context of the dialogue between cultures as the main method of teaching and upbringing of the communicants at the international level. The issue presents cross-cultural communication in meaningful unity with the characteristic features of the integration processes which take place within the education of the Far East; the issue also describes the activity of teachers under the conditions of integration and modernization of education in the Far East.
        This issue is a collective work of the teachers who are dealing with the problems of cross-cultural communication and have made an attempt to set socio-cultural landmarks for the modernization of higher professional education under globalization and development of integrated common educational sphere in the Far East; the other goal of the issue is to show the contemporary experience of communicative development of students in the Far East.

Prof. L.P. Lazareva

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