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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #2, year 2009


Lazareva L. P. Editorial


Lazareva L. P. The Intercultural Communication Teaching Skills at the Far Eastern Universities: Theoretical and Practical Issues
Makhova I. Y. The Communicative Approach to the Solution of Methodological Problems of Diversification of Higher Education in Russia
Kovbasyuk O. V. Meaningful Education as a Resource for Personal Self-Development in Global Learning
Alekseeva V. V. Intercultural Communication: Ethnolinguistics Problems
Kopytko S. V. Students from the Asian-Pacific Countries at Russian Universities: Pedagogical Communication Problems
Zaychenko N. D. Forming Intercultural Competence in the Sphere of Business Communication (Sociocultural Aspect)
Lukyanova E. L. , Karteshkina O. L. Peculiarity of Teaching of Chinese Students in Agricultural Universities of Russia
Tsibulnik L. М. The Aesthetic Orientation of Cross-Cultural Communication: the Experience of Russian Teachers
Sapogova I. V. Technologies of Teaching Russian Language to Students Coming from the Countries of the Asia Pacific Region at the Universities of the Russian Far East
Odonets T. V. The Problems of Adaptation of Foreign Students During their First Year of Study at Russian Universities
He Zhonghui The Communicative Aspect of Educational Reform in China: Historical and International Development
Martovitskaya V. A. An Account of the Features of Chinese Mentality as a Precondition for Efficient Interaction in Cross-Cultural Education
Tsibulnik А. А. Cross-Cultural Communication: Problems of Translation of Scientific-Technical Texts from Chinese into Russian
Kurbanova L. M. The Characteristic Features of the Formation of Information Culture of Foreign Students
Sabanina E. Y. Intercultural Communication as a Factor of Developing the Communicative Culture of Future Specialists in Tourism and Service
Milchakova O. N. Professional Substitute Family in the Socio-Educational Space of the Khabarovsk Kray
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