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Nagiba I. V.

        Nagiba, Irina Vadimovna – senior lecturer of the Department of English Language of the Orietnal Institute at the Far Eastern National University (Vladivostok).
        Contacts: e-mail: nagiba60@mail.ru


The article deals with some peculiarities of mood usages in modern Indian English (IE), which is a characteristic feature of this variety of English. These peculiarities may be attributed to a number of reasons, among which can be named stylistic and historical, interferometric and linguistic ones. Historically, IE has developed a register shift towards greater formalization of speech. As a result of the interference of native tongues, IE speakers prefer perfect mood forms when making general suppositions or describing current unreal situations. Linguistically, IE tends to retain dated grammatical phenomena and use them along with current Standard English forms.

        Key words: Indian English (IE), native languages, interference, Subjunctive Mood, clause, perfect forms, simple forms, old Subjunctive, deviant, Conditional Mood.

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