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Song L.

        Song, Li – Doctor of Philosophy in English Linguistics; professor of English at the School of Foreign Languages, Harbin Institute of Technology (China); Secretary of China Association for Intercultural Communication and a member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Intercultural Communication.
        Contacts: e-mail: slhrb@126.com


The article considers China English as a result the process of decentralization of the world English and nativization of English in China which generated chinese variety of English. The author provides analysis of key features of Chinese English (phonetic, lexical, grammar, pragmatic, etc.) from a socio-cultural perspective. This aloows the auther to draw the conclusion that Chinese English is an established variety of world English which reveals the cultural identity and values of China and expands and enriches the family of world Englishes.

        Key words: decentralization, denatiolization, divercification, nativization, World English, World Englishes, Chinese English, variety of English, linguistic representation, characteristic features of Chinese English, culture, cultural identity.

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