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Lovtsevich G. N.

        Lovtsevich, Galina Nikolaevna – Candidate of Philology, Professor of the Department of Lexicology, Stylistics, and the Methods of English Language Teaching of the Institute of Foreign Languages at the Far Eastern National University, Vladivostok.
        Contacts: e-mail: lovtsev@ext.dvgu.ru


The paper introduces the idea of a new type of terminological dictionary that is a crosscultural terminological dictionary. The author argues that it is the type of dictionary that can meet the contemporary requirements for intercultural professional communication in culture-dependent subject fields. The three principles (linguistic, intercultural and lexicograpgical) are at the bases of the crosscultural dictionary construction. The author exemplifies the above mentioned principles by creating the dictionary of ELT terms for Russian teachers of English.

        Key words: terminological dictionary, cross-cultural terminological dictionary, English Language teaching, culture-dependent subject field, headword, dictionary entry, dictionary user, sociocultural context, culturally loaded terms.

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