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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Proshina Z. Editorial

Dear readers,
        This second thematic issue of the journal is devoted to a wide sphere of scientific knowledge. The articles consider the theory of cross-cultural communication based on inter disciplinary ties between such studies as linguistics, philosophy, cultural studies, ethnology, psychology, philology, the study of literature and others. The theory of cross-cultural communication is directly connected with practices of international communication and is inseparable from translating and interpreting practices and journalism. Research on the theory of cross-cultural communication promotes successful practice and is very significant for economic and political activities and promotes the implementation of cultural projects. People of the Far East live in multicultural conditions at the cross-roads of Western and Asian cultures thus they experience the problems of cross-ethnic and cross-cultural communication. Competent and skillful resolution of these problems directly influences the future of Russia, the future of international relations and, in general, the future of human civilization. The urgent need to discuss issues related to the theory of cross-cultural communication is borne out by the introduction of this subject in the curriculum of many Russian higher educational establishments and even the launching of corresponding specializations.
        This issue contains papers by Russian authors who represent scholars of linguistic contactology, cognitive linguistics, socio-linguistics, contrastive lexicography, philosophy, philology, and folk studies. The issue also contains papers of researchers from China, Japan and Great Britain. The reader will find a synthesis of theories and polemic issues characteristic of the corresponding studies of the West and East. Many of the papers published in this issue are the completed results or fragments of ongoing research which can give a clear idea of the modern directions of humanitarian research in the Far East. We hope the papers published in this issue will arouse interest and lead to further discussion.

Prof. Zoya Proshina

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