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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Content of #1, year 2009


Proshina Z. Editorial Editorial


Jia Y. , Jia X. A Sociolinguistic Approach to Intercultural Communication
Houghton S. Managing Stereotypes in Intercultural Communication
Lovtsevich G. N. The Notion of Cross-Cultural Terminological Dictionary
Snytko T. N. Meeting of Cultures and Languages within Translation
Nikolaeva O. V. Integration of Ethnic Conceptual Fields into the New Zealand Worldview
Megrabova E. G. Interaction of Values and Communicative and Linguistic Strategies in Discourse about Russia of Newsweek Magazine
Song L. China English from a Socio-Cultural Perspective
Nagiba I. V. On the Category of Mood in Indian English
Matveeva E. N. Cultural Constants in Arts Communication: Image of Water Space in the Lyrical Poetry by Igor Severyanin
Bordilovskaya A. V. Communication of Philosophic Ideas within the Kyoto School
Varlamov A. N. Onomatopoeic Chants in the Evenki Epos
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