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Sanzhaeva R. D. , Dugarova T. T. , Dolbeeva T. F.

        Sanzhaeva, Rimma Dugarovna – Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the Far Eastern State Transportation University.
        Contacts: e-mail: rimmasan@pochta.ru
        Dugarova, Tuyana Tsirenovna – Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor, works for a doctorate degree at the Moscow Pedagogical State University.
        Contacts: e-mail: dugarovatts@mail.ru
        Dolbeeva, Tamara Filippovna – Candidate of Philology, Senior Lecturer of the Buryat State University, Ulan-Ude.
        Contacts: e-mail: dolbeeva@mail.ru


The authors emphasize the idea of using high quality methods in ethnic psychology. The article highlights the psychological analysis of narrative methods to research personal and group descriptions of ethnic identity. These descriptive methods help explain such ethnicity indicators as the idea of a common origin; language, cultural and spiritual heritage, and mythological consciousness. The article dwells upon the psychological analysis of personal and group descriptions of ethnic identity in the Buryat communities of Russia, Mongolia and China. It is based on such ethnicity indicators as the idea of a common origin, language and cultural heritage, both material and spiritual.

        Key words: life narratives, ethnic identity, Buryats of Russia, Mongolia and China, to overcome the ethnicity crisis, a person of a traditional society, mythological consciousness, behavior strategies, psychological safety.

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