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Social Sciences and Humanities in the Far East

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Vorobyeva C. I.

Dear readers!

      You are reading an extra special issue, "Ethno-Psychology of the Peoples of the Far East". It has been prepared within the framework of the International Research Methodological Conference "Actual Problems of Ethno-Psychology within the Context of Cultural Economic Cooperation with the Countries of the Asian-Pacific Region" (Khabarovsk, May 23-25, 2008) and dedicated to the World Congress of Psychologists in Berlin (July, 2008) which paid much attention to the issues of ethno-psychology.
      The urgency of this problem is caused by the growth of poly-ethnicity of the world. In the beginning of the 20th century the number of nations and ethnic groups on the Earth was about 1,500; by the middle of the 21st century we expect that the number will increase to 4,000. This gives rise to a demand to search for ways of constructive interethnic and intercultural cooperation. There must also be development of ethnic self-awareness and identity of individuals, ethno-cultural adaptation, preservation of diversity and the uniqueness of ethnic groups, and the creation of multicultural educational space, etc.
      The Russian Far East is a unique civilization. The most important features of this civilization are: its geopolitical position on the borders of the countries of the Asian Pacific Region, centuries-old communication with the cultures of China, Japan and Korea and great number of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North. Substantial changes in the ethnic situation in the territory of the Russian Far East took place during the recent decades of the «perestroika» era and the post-soviet transformation of the Russian society. These brought inter-ethnic and inter-cultural interactions on a new level which warrants scientific understanding.
      The themes of the articles reflect a wide range of problems of theory and practice in ethnic and cross-cultural psychology: theoretical and methodological; socio-psychological; practice-oriented; and regional aspects and international experience. Readers will find original ideas and new approaches to the solution of actual tasks in the sphere of ethno-psychology. The papers have been implemented on the basis of long-term experimental research and practical experience. We hope that the published articles will be of interest to our readers and promote the exchange of scientific information in the sphere of ethno-psychology.

Professor C.I. Vorobjeva

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